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Are you ready to take advantage of the technologies changing our future? Over the years, SoftSearch, Inc. has served our client base by finding thousands of qualified candidates in Information Technology, Software, and consulting verticals. We are witnessing rapid change through digital transformation, the adoption of new technological cloud-native platforms, the move to micro-services, and the ability to build new systems 24/365. Now several months into work-from-home scenarious related to the COVID-19 pandemic, technology companes are redefining how and where work gets done. Dont get left behind in a stodgy, old-school technology career. 
We recruit in the IT disciplines including software engineering & development, cloud-native architecture and deployment, containerization & orchestration, and other DevOps specific requirements. Our candidates are Full-Stack SW Engineers, Front-End React CSS & back-end Node, Python, Scala developers / architects, User Experience / UI developers, Heads of Design, blockchain developers, supply chain risk management SME's, Cloud Automation developers, Data Scientists, Product Managers, Pre-and Post-Sales Engineers, Solutions Architects, Micro-services/CI/CD specialists and more. We've watched technology shift over the past 30 years redefining and disrupting businesses for the better. The next decade will be the most transformative period ever. We bring the recruiting expertise to immediately add value to your company's recruiting efforts and improve your hiring successes. Our recruiting team is experienced and we work across the country with other like-minded professionals to solve your hiring needs. 
We work with many exciting companies here in the greater Washington DC Metro, Silicon Valley, other tech-hubs, and nationwide with management consulting firms. As a potential client or prospective candidate, we invest our time with you to understand your unique needs, discuss the competitive landscape, and key on important cultural attributes that leads to a successful match. Let us help ensure you have a pipeline of the highest caliber IT professionals so that you remain competitive and innovative. A few very large tech companies are sucking up more than their share of the IT talent here in the WDC Metro; and it's getting tougher to identify quality candidate and get them onboarded.  


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